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Revenue your Android App can Generate for your Business

November 3, 2016

The great influence of android platform cannot be denied. At present, more than 2.2 Million Android apps are available for 500+ android device. The android phones have taken over the market as most of the apps come free of cost. The apps are simple to use therefore attracts more traffic. Building apps is not easy cup of tea, it involves lots of hassles and watchful eye to analysis the market need according to the services and product.

app revenue

Building apps is a business, it is not all about branding, it is more of making money. Today, almost every company have jumped in the app trend as it has become the easier way to reach your potential customer. Let's have a deep insight on how Android App can Generate Revenue for your Business:

  • At present, revising Android devices, we found that 27% are running Kit Kat, and new version are being updated through Google Play services.
  • Now, when you takes account on advertising, developer fees and app revenue, you will find a close monetization gap with Apple's iOS operating system. Today the android developers are earning 90 cents for every 1$ earned by iOS developers, as per latest data.
  • Latest survey suggest that nearly 76% of mobile devices offers android and 80% constitute to smartphones. Now, Android defines mobile computing which can generate huge revenue.
  • The strategy of updating phones through its own software also means the platform can do an end-run around carriers and manufacturers that create their own versions of Android and are slow to push out updates.
  • Further, advertising is new approach to outsource revenue for Android developers. The  ad rates are lower on Android than iOS.
  • Android offers quite interesting games, the gaming apps are more likely to attract traffic.


There are numerous way how android is generating revenue. Every year the existing customer will come with repeated transactions along with the new ones. Moreover, the functionality of your app determine whether you take business on serious note or not.

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Will Android rule the world of OS ?

October 22, 2016


Every year it seems like, the android trend is expanding with greater prospects. Android is not alone in this race, Apple, also tends to increase. At the nexus event, google revealed that mobile operating system has more than 1.4 billion active user over 30 years. Further, According to market research firm Gartner, Android’s worldwide smartphone market share was 84.1% in the first quarter of 2016. The next closest platform was iOS at just 14.8%, which was down from 17.9% in the same quarter a year earlier. No other mobile platform had a market share that even reached the single digits of a percent — Microsoft’s Windows Mobile/Phone was closest at a pathetic 0.7

However, the market prediction keeps on changing, as no one is pitty sure about the great happening taking place in technology every year. Though, analyst tries to predict the market to give a lumpsum idea about the current scenario. Many time these predictions are right, and it s ame cases the overall changed static is seen. 

Deep insight: iOS 10 vs Android Nougat

iOS 10 VS Android Nougat: Interface

In iOS 10, to reach on widget, you need to press firmly on app icons. By doing so, you will have quick access to core functions without opening the apps. Android uses different approach for long-standing home screen widgets, that too works. Whereas, apple’s updated OS seems to have the edge on easy interactivity, and Android Nougat, more likely kind of retain multitasking crown.

iOS 10 VS Android Nougat: Notifications

It is quite obvious that notifications is a must part  of User Interface.  Therefore, in both iOS and Android seperate notification section is available.You can expand notification to response instantly and other action as well with deep 3D touch on Apple's OS. Things will not confuse you.
On Android Nougat the notification can be viewed on screen. Also, as per your favoured settings toggles, you can quickly access notification menu.  

iOS 10 VS Android Nougat: Messagings

As far messages are concerned none of the two are satisfied. Facebook messenger, Whats App and Snap Chat is quite dominant over the other. Interestingly, Both iOS 10 and Android Nougat are soon to offer interesting messaging.


In future more advanced level of Android and iOS may hit the industry. The popularity is driver based on the customer's response. Therefore, the one will pass the test of time who will succeed to meet the user’s specific need all in one.


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Tactics to Increase your Playstore App Downloads

October 22, 2016


As we know, a large proportion of people adhere to mobile phone with the average usage of three hours and five minutes per day (As per survey). Certainly, there is no amaze that introduction of numerous advantageous apps  (Health app, Travel app, chat app and etc.) has created a buzz within the users for specific meets.

Considering, the exact need of market, the Mobile App Development Company launches effective and crucial application for the users. However, the task do not over yet after the launch. Afterwards , they requires to eye on the end user, and hence need to change the usability as per demand.  Let's explore the tactic, a mobile app Development Company needs to increase Play Store App Downloads.

User Friendly Platform:


Make your app as simple as you can, so that most of the user get to know easily how to use the app without full assistance.

Make a Video:

Making video can help the user to get the clear insight of the app, so it is a must part. Try to present the video in the common languages,that it will have greater influence. 

Social Media Flamboyant:

Get a detailed idea about the social media platforms, and wisely you can choose which one (Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn) will increase the level of traffic. For instance, if it is a job app then sharing on linkedin will work more, likewise we can make the selection. 

Vivid and Immaculate App Icon:

Using right image and class color selection, further increases the visibility of your app. It will give an exact idea and click insight to the user, what whole the app is about. 

Simple and Meaningful Name for App:

Go with a simple and meaningful name that easily provides a clear information about the app. With easy mobile accessibility, people are using more of internet. Therefore, as much simple it will be more it will be handy. 

Introduce Review column:

This will help you most in revising your app downloads exponentially, if you can get reviews in your apps favour. Good review suggesting worthlessness of your app will let other users know how beneficial this app download is. And you can reply the negative comment to convert the reaction of user in your favour with your genuine reply. 

Here you are, having above listed tricks to increase your Play Store App Downloads. Get to know more on related topic.


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Reasons to Choose the Android Platform for Apps Development

September 27, 2016

How much do your love your smartphone?? Can you leave a day or two without it ?? The answer will be an obvious “NO”. We have become too much addicted and are totally dependent on these it may be for calculator, music, browsing whatever it may be .
With the advancement in the technology to cater to the advanced needs of mobile users, mobile apps have come into existence. These apps are made utilizing the most powerful and dynamic mobile platforms available today. There are a lot of platforms available today for development, such as Symbian, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and iOS. However, the Android platform by Google is moving ahead by leaps and bounds and its popularity shows no signs of receding. Let us check why developers choose the android platform for Apps development.

  • Android can be easily accessed


The best part of Android is that it is easily accessible to any Android programmer with knowledge of Java and the Android SDK. The Android SDK can be easily accessed and has the potential and capability to create some of the most innovative mobile apps.

  • Much lower entry barrier


The Apple App Store requires a yearly fee of $99, whereas to register as a developer on the Google Play Store requires a one time payment of $25. In plain terms, all a developer needs to begin developing and releasing Android apps is a $25 payment, and a computer, while for iOS, you will require a Mac and a $99 yearly subscription.The entry barrier for Android is much lower as the approval process is much simpler, which is not the case with its nearest competitor App Store.
  • High market share
Android has become the  most popular smartphone operating system in the world as of 2016. Since its release, android has been successful in capturing the market with the highest market share and is growing over the year strongly. In 2009, 6.8 million Android smartphones were sold. By 2015, this figure had risen to more than 1.16 billion. Android accounted for around 85 percent of all smartphone sales to end users worldwide in the beginning of 2016.
  • Well optimized for social apps
Social platforms are booming vigorously. Android makes an optimum utilization of this opportunity to develop social apps. Most of the app developers are going social and are trying their best to maximize their potential by earning top revenue. Hence, due to its ability to better integrate with a wide range of social networks, it is more preferred amongst developers and business owners who want to go social.
  • Easier to learn
According to various professionals who have learnt Google Android and other platforms such as iOS and Blackberry have stated that Google’s Android can be learnt from scratch, faster than other platforms. Hence, developers starting out with mobile application development will find it very easy to develop in Android.
  • Cheaper Apps
Android has a diverse user-base, hence offers more free downloads. Also, apps are cheaper compared to those on iOS, and free apps with ad revenue or in-apps purchase models are also possible on Android. 
  • Profitability
In most app categories, Android apps have been found to be as profitable (even more profitable in some instances) as iPhone apps, both for initial app purchases and for in-app purchases. Also, with many apps using a free with ads model, as long as the ads are being shown to app users, the app generates income. In addition, advertising costs are generally lower on Android devices, which means that apps can advertise to more users on Android devices than users on iOS devices for the same amount.
There has been always a huge fight between Apple’s App store and Google’s play  Store. App deployed to the Google Play store are available for download by users within a few hours, compared to a few weeks for Apple’s App Store. An app can literally be updated multiple times a day on the Google play store, in response to user complaints and/or issues, while on the App store, your app would have to pass through the same lengthy process whenever you submit an update and/or bug fix. For a new app or game that might need to be constantly and speedily refined and updated in response to user feedback, the Play Store is the perfect platform
Another excellent feature of the Play Store which can help your app to be more polished is the ability to release an app as alpha and/or beta releases, which would be available only to members of a selected group of testers. With this, you can provide early access to a subset of users, and use their feedback to polish your app before finally releasing it to the general public. You can also perform a gradual/staged roll out of an update. With the staged rollout, you specify what percentage of users should get the update, and you can then monitor the feedback and crash reports before increasing the percentage of users to receive the update.
So after going through some of the features of android we can sense that Android development is the platform on which you can generate high revenue as well you get a huge no of users.



App Maintainenace: The most crucial stage in an App Development Process

August 6, 2016

People have become too much addicted towards various application which are available. Each user uses at least 4-5 different apps every day. So to maintain this addictiveness of the users towards their app, companies need to take care that the app is running smoothly and also problems faced by the users are eliminated. App maintenance is one of major tasks done by app development companies. Sometimes, the delivered application doesn't provide 100% result, then client needs maintenance services. In simple words, it stands for all the updation and modifications after the delivery of Android mobile application.

As a developer, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a complete development process. It includes:

   Planning >> Analysis >> Design >> Development >> Testing >> Implementation >> Maintenance

Each phase plays a vital role in Android application development and others. But here we are talking about Maintenance phase. It is a very broad activity that includes the enhancement of capabilities, error corrections, optimization and deletion of obsolete activities.

As developer knows maintenance activity must be categorized into four classes. Let's have a look at different classes: -

- Corrective Maintenance: In this kind of maintenance, diagnosing and fixing errors which are found by users.

- Adaptive Maintenance: It includes modification and updation in order to keep the software  environment up to date.

- Perfective Maintenance: You can say that it's a functional enhancements in the current software as per the client requirements.

- Preventive Maintenance: It is the normal maintenance that is only used for increasing software reliability and maintainability to prevent errors in the future.

All above maintenance classes are offering the great changes in the applications, so small and mid-sized enterprises can increase their productivity at workplaces.

More importantly, the cost of software maintenance is more than 50% of all SDLC - software development life cycle phases. There are various factors that affect the software maintenance cost like fixed errors via new programming, software update with latest versions, etc.

If your Android application is striving in the workplace, don't anxious. Mobiloitte is here to deliver Android app development services. Let's connect without any hassle.



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