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App Maintainenace: The most crucial stage in an App Development Process

August 6, 2016

People have become too much addicted towards various application which are available. Each user uses at least 4-5 different apps every day. So to maintain this addictiveness of the users towards their app, companies need to take care that the app is running smoothly and also problems faced by the users are eliminated. App maintenance is one of major tasks done by app development companies. Sometimes, the delivered application doesn't provide 100% result, then client needs maintenance services. In simple words, it stands for all the updation and modifications after the delivery of Android mobile application.

As a developer, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a complete development process. It includes:

   Planning >> Analysis >> Design >> Development >> Testing >> Implementation >> Maintenance

Each phase plays a vital role in Android application development and others. But here we are talking about Maintenance phase. It is a very broad activity that includes the enhancement of capabilities, error corrections, optimization and deletion of obsolete activities.

As developer knows maintenance activity must be categorized into four classes. Let's have a look at different classes: -

- Corrective Maintenance: In this kind of maintenance, diagnosing and fixing errors which are found by users.

- Adaptive Maintenance: It includes modification and updation in order to keep the software  environment up to date.

- Perfective Maintenance: You can say that it's a functional enhancements in the current software as per the client requirements.

- Preventive Maintenance: It is the normal maintenance that is only used for increasing software reliability and maintainability to prevent errors in the future.

All above maintenance classes are offering the great changes in the applications, so small and mid-sized enterprises can increase their productivity at workplaces.

More importantly, the cost of software maintenance is more than 50% of all SDLC - software development life cycle phases. There are various factors that affect the software maintenance cost like fixed errors via new programming, software update with latest versions, etc.

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