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Revenue your Android App can Generate for your Business

November 3, 2016

The great influence of android platform cannot be denied. At present, more than 2.2 Million Android apps are available for 500+ android device. The android phones have taken over the market as most of the apps come free of cost. The apps are simple to use therefore attracts more traffic. Building apps is not easy cup of tea, it involves lots of hassles and watchful eye to analysis the market need according to the services and product.

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Building apps is a business, it is not all about branding, it is more of making money. Today, almost every company have jumped in the app trend as it has become the easier way to reach your potential customer. Let's have a deep insight on how Android App can Generate Revenue for your Business:

  • At present, revising Android devices, we found that 27% are running Kit Kat, and new version are being updated through Google Play services.
  • Now, when you takes account on advertising, developer fees and app revenue, you will find a close monetization gap with Apple's iOS operating system. Today the android developers are earning 90 cents for every 1$ earned by iOS developers, as per latest data.
  • Latest survey suggest that nearly 76% of mobile devices offers android and 80% constitute to smartphones. Now, Android defines mobile computing which can generate huge revenue.
  • The strategy of updating phones through its own software also means the platform can do an end-run around carriers and manufacturers that create their own versions of Android and are slow to push out updates.
  • Further, advertising is new approach to outsource revenue for Android developers. The  ad rates are lower on Android than iOS.
  • Android offers quite interesting games, the gaming apps are more likely to attract traffic.


There are numerous way how android is generating revenue. Every year the existing customer will come with repeated transactions along with the new ones. Moreover, the functionality of your app determine whether you take business on serious note or not.

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