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Tactics to Increase your Playstore App Downloads

October 22, 2016


As we know, a large proportion of people adhere to mobile phone with the average usage of three hours and five minutes per day (As per survey). Certainly, there is no amaze that introduction of numerous advantageous apps  (Health app, Travel app, chat app and etc.) has created a buzz within the users for specific meets.

Considering, the exact need of market, the Mobile App Development Company launches effective and crucial application for the users. However, the task do not over yet after the launch. Afterwards , they requires to eye on the end user, and hence need to change the usability as per demand.  Let's explore the tactic, a mobile app Development Company needs to increase Play Store App Downloads.

User Friendly Platform:


Make your app as simple as you can, so that most of the user get to know easily how to use the app without full assistance.

Make a Video:

Making video can help the user to get the clear insight of the app, so it is a must part. Try to present the video in the common languages,that it will have greater influence. 

Social Media Flamboyant:

Get a detailed idea about the social media platforms, and wisely you can choose which one (Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn) will increase the level of traffic. For instance, if it is a job app then sharing on linkedin will work more, likewise we can make the selection. 

Vivid and Immaculate App Icon:

Using right image and class color selection, further increases the visibility of your app. It will give an exact idea and click insight to the user, what whole the app is about. 

Simple and Meaningful Name for App:

Go with a simple and meaningful name that easily provides a clear information about the app. With easy mobile accessibility, people are using more of internet. Therefore, as much simple it will be more it will be handy. 

Introduce Review column:

This will help you most in revising your app downloads exponentially, if you can get reviews in your apps favour. Good review suggesting worthlessness of your app will let other users know how beneficial this app download is. And you can reply the negative comment to convert the reaction of user in your favour with your genuine reply. 

Here you are, having above listed tricks to increase your Play Store App Downloads. Get to know more on related topic.


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