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Will Android rule the world of OS ?

October 22, 2016


Every year it seems like, the android trend is expanding with greater prospects. Android is not alone in this race, Apple, also tends to increase. At the nexus event, google revealed that mobile operating system has more than 1.4 billion active user over 30 years. Further, According to market research firm Gartner, Android’s worldwide smartphone market share was 84.1% in the first quarter of 2016. The next closest platform was iOS at just 14.8%, which was down from 17.9% in the same quarter a year earlier. No other mobile platform had a market share that even reached the single digits of a percent — Microsoft’s Windows Mobile/Phone was closest at a pathetic 0.7

However, the market prediction keeps on changing, as no one is pitty sure about the great happening taking place in technology every year. Though, analyst tries to predict the market to give a lumpsum idea about the current scenario. Many time these predictions are right, and it s ame cases the overall changed static is seen. 

Deep insight: iOS 10 vs Android Nougat

iOS 10 VS Android Nougat: Interface

In iOS 10, to reach on widget, you need to press firmly on app icons. By doing so, you will have quick access to core functions without opening the apps. Android uses different approach for long-standing home screen widgets, that too works. Whereas, apple’s updated OS seems to have the edge on easy interactivity, and Android Nougat, more likely kind of retain multitasking crown.

iOS 10 VS Android Nougat: Notifications

It is quite obvious that notifications is a must part  of User Interface.  Therefore, in both iOS and Android seperate notification section is available.You can expand notification to response instantly and other action as well with deep 3D touch on Apple's OS. Things will not confuse you.
On Android Nougat the notification can be viewed on screen. Also, as per your favoured settings toggles, you can quickly access notification menu.  

iOS 10 VS Android Nougat: Messagings

As far messages are concerned none of the two are satisfied. Facebook messenger, Whats App and Snap Chat is quite dominant over the other. Interestingly, Both iOS 10 and Android Nougat are soon to offer interesting messaging.


In future more advanced level of Android and iOS may hit the industry. The popularity is driver based on the customer's response. Therefore, the one will pass the test of time who will succeed to meet the user’s specific need all in one.


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